• Library Opening for Selected Students in Scholarship Exam

  • Tree Planting Program by Akshay Sanjeevani

  • Blanket Distribution Program By Akshay Sanjeevani

  • Health Ckeckup And Medicine Distribution Program in Rural Area

  • Motivating Students To Achive Their Goals

Our Initiatives

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and help people in need

The wealth of the entire world cannot help one little village,
until the people of the village are taught to help themselves.

We want the Education by which Character is Formed,
Strength by which Mind is Increased,
The Intellect by which Reach is Expanded,
And Ultimately by which, One Can Stand on One’s Own Feet.


We are trying to help them who are not able to help them self…

  • Environment

  • Health

  • Education

Our Vision

  • To provide free of cost medical services to the needy.

  • To enhance the green coverage across Bihar and subsequently across India too.

  • To provide financial aid to poor but bright students to help them get into professional courses, which will later help them pull their families out of poverty.