Distribution Of Blanket

On 08/01/2023, Akshay sanjeevani seva sansthan organised distribution of blanket(60 nos ) among old age and widow ladies in Village salaya, ekghara and narayanpur of Nabinagar block , Aurangabad, Bihar amid severe cold wave. jay prakash and sunit kumar take lead role to organise the event with support P. Bindhani, S. Alam, Sanjeev kumar, RRVB singh etc.
The total cost of program came out around Rs 12000 out of which Rs6000 were given by P. Bindhani, sanjiv kumar, S. Alam, Sunit kumar,jay prakash etc and Rs6000 were given from account of Akshay sanjeevani sewa sansthan.
Amid severe cold wave distribution of blanket really give immense pleasure under banner of Akshay sanjeevani sewa sansthan.
we wish and hope to organise such event in future!

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